Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Plots and Plans

Constantine Hering in a not-at-all posed shot Details about the move tend to hover around the edges of our day-to-day work; we try to fit in planning meetings where and when we can. Yesterday's edition was all about furniture - whose budget will it come out of? Are we getting new furniture at all? Will our existing furniture fit in the new offices? What are we forgetting? What happened to things that went into storage after the last move? Of course, we had not gotten very far in making our furniture lists before we had to move on our next engagement - training on our new overhead camera system (PDF warning) and the CaptureOne software that powers it.

We obviously have a lot to learn about it, but we are starting to get to grips with it just in time - requests came in for a number of oversized items to be digitized, and happily we could meet those needs in-house (although I'm sure we will be tweaking things for some time to come). We also experimented with some of our smaller photographs to see just how much detail we could get out of them - (and also because we needed to digitize them quickly - it was serendipitous timing) this one of Constantine Hering from the Hahnemann collection was one of our first guinea pigs, with the finishing touches only added this morning.


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