Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where we are, where we're going

You could say that the fact that our current offices are nowhere near the reading room or the actual materials keeps us fit to a certain extent; while we are very appreciative of the space our Drexel University Archives colleagues share with us, we won't miss having to circle the semi-wall that divides the basement of Hagerty Library (and blocks what little view of the reading room we had before it suddenly appeared one Monday).

Our new building will be on the main Med School campus in the East Falls section of Philadelphia; it's something of a homecoming for the Woman's Medical College half of the collection which was largely created in the same neighborhood. Of course, being archivists, we will still be housed in the basement, but our new space will have what I understand are called windows in it. They may be slightly above our heads, but at least we will be able to keep an eye on the weather. Even better, the reading room, digital lab, workspace and storage will all be together - along with our offices. It's going to be lovely once we are moved and settled in (and re-arranged the entire collection). I suspect the actual moving part won't be quite as much fun, but at least the movers know us well already...


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